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Developing a PMO service catalogue

PMO, Project Management Office development and Project Management training

This week has started with a bang. During a two day workshop we have developed the service catalogue for an operational PMO at a large danish shipping company. 10 PMO people have worked hard to define the strategy of the OPS PMO, which is of course linked to the strategy of the "mother company". Identifying stakeholders and clarifying their needs lead to a number of PMO activities.

Challenging times ahead. In the coming weeks the PMO activities will be further developed and planed for implementation. Especially exciting working with their stakeholders, clarifying the value they would like to see generated and ultimately enabling the organisation to execute profitable project and programs. This is good stuff and the reason why we PMO freaks go to work.

Do you also want to be clear on what your PMO should do and especially what the PMO should NOT do and how you get the buy-in from important managers in the organisation, send me a coffee invitation and lets exchange point of views.

Be careful out there

Hans Arnbjerg

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